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Well I have been a busy bee painting and making videos. I am planning some online classes that I am going to launch soon. In the meantime I have been busily creating videos of paintings that I did some years ago. I recorded the videos because I had intended on doing these online classes all along but never got around to dong it.

You can contact me via my website.

I am actually very excited about creating these classes and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of paintings I will do as well as the paintings my students will do.

I would really appreciate if my work could be shared.

Thank you so much.

Here is the link to the latest video on my channel:




Like a Tree planted by the waters.
Like a Tree Planted by the Waters.

Peace, peace, beautiful peace.

I don’t need to tell anyone how trying life is these days. Everyone on earth is aware that things are not …so peaceful.

One of the most glaring of trials is that of war; the atrocities of taking another human, life for whatever reason, doesn’t sit well with many of us yet… it is happening. We see evidence of the toll it is taking in the weary eyes all around us and we feel helpless, it is upsetting to say the least, emotions are high and trust is low.

Disease is also very high on this list as we see so many who are suffering, hospitals are jammed… if one can afford to go to a hospital. Children are suffering with so many more illnesses than the world has ever seen and the blaming… doesn’t stop. “Who is at fault?” is the question on many minds; we simply want to find answers so that we can save the children and comfort those in agony.

Our food is another extreme concern, simply because the very substance that was created to heal us, is making us sick; oh yes…tampering with the seeds plays a enormous role in this dilemma. Pollution, water contamination and soil depletion are a few of the concerns we, our children and grandchildren are encountering.

Economy, here is an enormous giant that has been overstuffed and yet is never satisfied and while sitting on the structure made from splinters it’s foundation is about to collapse threatening to cause the monstrous giant to come tumbling down on top of the nations…you and me.

So far I have only given you a brief sketch of some of the issues this world is facing, and I am sure we all know that there is so much more going on; we cannot even imagine.

Knowledge is increasing at an incredible rate as a result of the internet, you can have your wildest dreams brought right in front of you in your own home; it will fill your mind with so much to buy, so much to know, so much to do, so much to hear and it keeps everyone very hectic. So busy that there is no time for family, no time for friends no time for love…no time for… peace and quiet.

This painting is filled with symbolism.

The tree is a symbol for one who is living a good life, like a tree planted by the rivers of water. This tree is bearing fruit in its season, it is spreading out the branches to give shade on a hot day. This tree is strong to withstand any storm and it is beautiful. The tree has many meanings, in this painting the tree represents a human being who is living a life in harmony with the Creator he is planted firmly by the water where he will never be thirsty, he is strong to withstand any storm and gives shelter to those who abide near him.

The water in this painting is a symbol for Living Waters, water that satiate the dry and thirst land …you will never thirst again because it is the water of life, it is the Life Giver dwelling us and continually flows through us quickening us and pouring out His life giving truth to others that we touch.

The horse is a symbol of the Pure Spirit in us Who gently shows us the way to walk, who quietly waits to answer us whenever we call on Him, He is watching, listening and interceding on our behalf with words that cannot be uttered.

The light is a symbol of being illuminated, it comes from the One who made light, HE illuminates the mind by opening the eyes and causing the blind to see.

Ah peace, yes beautiful peace… there is one source where we can find true peace for our souls, a peace that is there even in the most difficult trials, it fills with assurance that our Creator is Sovereign over all, we trust Him and He never lets us down.


Stay With It

Even though there are days when everything seems to be going wrong, even the most simple of tasks are a challenge, I can say with confidence stay with it.

We hear it all the time, but it isn’t something that seems real unless you push through it yourself. Trials come our way and we tend to give up, but that is the most important time to stay  the course, don’t give up!

When I worked for a sales company, one of the leading instructors would say to me…”You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” In other words he was saying that it is a good thing to learn from others’ mistakes and successes. Well yes, that is easy to say but until we actually do take good advice and apply it to our situation, we may continue to reinvent the wheel.

I have been constantly setting the standard for my work higher and higher by constantly learning and applying the skills that I could. When I would apply those skills I was happy with the results, until the next day, because I am constantly pushing to grow and hone my skills. This can be depressing and sometimes it is…but because I have this intense desire to do the work it pushes me to do more.

Today was one of those days, I study other works, I apply techniques and it just doesn’t seem to cut it…well I kept at it and finally I thought of trying something different, it took 3 or 4 tries until I decided to start this painting from the other direction, dark to light; however when I saw what was emerging I liked it so much that I left it at that. I think this image is one that I can do over and over to continue to learn from so expect to see more of this one.

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This Van Gogh quote is encouraging to me because I know Who is the source of LOVE and I find it to be very true.


Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.