I’ve heard many artists say that they “don’t like commissions” but for me, it has become a huge welcome. A commission is not just money in the bank, it is an awesome opportunity to connect with people, it is also a chance to be challenged to create something that someone else wants. I love the interaction with people and am blessed to have requests for commission paintings.
I took photographs of the stages from this commissioned portrait because, for me, that is such an exciting part of what I do. I absolutely love seeing the painting emerge from the canvas. I also am posting a photo of my limited palette.

I’m looking forward to helping you own your commissioned portrait of a milestone in your life or as a celebration of the ones you love.

Enjoy 🙂 thanks for always being here!



stage 1

stage 2

stage 3

stage 4

stage 5

stage 6

stage 7


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  1. Tom Donovan says:

    Hey Heather – Very nice work. Appreciate seeing your palette and process! – Tom

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    1. Hi Tom, Thank you for taking the time to comment; I love seeing those kinds of things so I think I need to share mine. I am so happy that you appreciate it.

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  2. So well done, congratulations!


    1. Cindy, you’re great! you always find time to visit and comment, Thank you.


  3. Cathe says:

    What a beautiful face. Thank you for showing the development stages, so very interesting.


    1. HI Cathe, I am so happy you like the stages, it is something that I really enjoy doing. She is a beautiful lady in her heart and outwardly for sure.


  4. Very nice Heather! I really enjoyed seeing your process here! ~Rita


    1. Hi Rita, Thank you for stopping by and giving me that message of encouragement. Soon I believe that I will have everything in order and then I’ll be more consistent online. I have another new grandbaby on the way and life is just as busy as ever, if not busier. I am thankful for people, like you, who continue to check in with me even when I post so sporadically. Thanks.

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